Mar 29, 2011

An Irish blessing

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Mar 23, 2011


Out of the blue my husband came back and showed me an sms of my 'boyfriend' smsing him asking where I was. There were two things odd here : my supposedly 'boyfriend' did not know my telephone number. And hmm.. He calls my husband 'darling'?
Well, whoever he or she is, I hope he or she have lots of fun as later on he or she can go answer to God or Allah about his or her behavior of trying to create problems between me and my husband.
Thank God/Allah, my husband trusts me and have faith in me.
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Mar 22, 2011

Silent millionaires

Who are silent millionaires? The silent millionaires are people who look like everyday people, who dress in very ordinary clothing, probably drive an old junk or even just a motorbike, but have big bank accounts and can afford to simply send their children to colleges or universities anywhere in the world. They can at anyone time afford branded clothing and big cars, but prefer to go without.
These people are easily overlooked and sometimes looked down on by others who don't know better. These people are usually small time businessmen, hawkers or night market traders.
When I was a mutual fund rookie agent (new in the business), I once underestimated a would be client, too.
I was at a factory canteen doing some promotional work when an interested wanna be client came up and said he was interested in investing RM10,000. I looked at him in slight disbelief. He was one of the security guards and from what I know and many people in Malaysia know, a normal security guard's salary ranged between RM600 to about RM1000 (forgive me if I am wrong)
Nevertheless, I smiled and gave him an application form and told him to bank in the money with the form and call me to let me know once he banked it in.
I did not give it another thought as I did that a few times and usually, nothing ever came out from it. Therefore when that particular client called and told me he had already banked in the investment for RM10,000, I was really stunned.
That was not all, a few weeks later, that particular client called me again and told me he wanted to top up his investment and was thinking of perhaps RM50 (or so that was what I heard over the phone). I responded quietly that the minimum to top up was RM100. However, somehow I agreed to meet up with him at one of the banks.
He arrived at the appointed time and place on a motorbike, wearing a threadbare t shirt and carrying a sling bag which was slightly torn. Bemusedly, I followed him into the bank and help fill up the form. I then asked him how much he was adding on to his investment when I was really stunned when he told me RM150,000. I quietly followed him to the counter of the bank teller, I started trembling a little when I watched dumbfounded as he took out bulks and bulks of RM50 and RM100 noted bundled together and tied with rubber bands.
To be absolutely honest, I'd never in my life seen so much money before then in cold hard cash. It was the very first time I've seen so much cash in front of me, nevermind it was someone elses.
From then on, I swore to myself never to ever underestimate anyone again.
Another silent millionaire I know is a friend of my husband who goes around wearing just a pair of khakis and a pagoda shirt and eats at roadside stalls. A very humble man, but at anytime you open his wallet, there is definitely a stack of RM50 bills there. He runs a workshop and sends his children to UK, Egypt and all for further studies, but drives an old second hand car.
These are the people who are really enjoying financial freedom by keeping low key and living a simple life, unlike a lot of people, (myself included in some ways), who dress up, carry a fancy latest phone and drive a fancy car, but who don't really have much in the bank and who probably have more loans, overdrafts and bills and such to maintain the illusion of a comfortable life.

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Bintang and Kejora.. Continuing where we stopped...

Janet and Hanifah attacked Kejora and threw her over a bridge into a raging river. Rian, Hanifah's husband and Kejora's father saw that and pushed Hanifah and Janet aside and jumped into the river but could not find Kejora. So he got out and went to give both Hanifah and Janet and piece of his mind. His anger got better of him and he was choking Hanifah, but Janet hit him with the car steering lock which caused him to collapse unconcious.
Quickly, the two evil women bundled him into the boot of the car and drove off, not before Bintang saw what happened and rushed to their home to see her father.
Seeing her father's condition she begged Hanifah to send Rian to the hospital.
Meanwhile, Lena, Kejora's room mate got worried that Kejora had not returned and alerted Fitra, who thought she would be at Erlangga's place and rushed there to find her not there.
Erlangga, alerted, insisted on accompanying Fitra to search for Kejora.
Hanifah and Janet eventually relented and sent Rian to the hospital but warned Bintang against revealing Rian's true identity.
Rian in a coma, met up with his daughter's wandering spirit in heaven and told her that they should all be together before disappearing back into his unconcious body.
Elsewhere, Kejora's spirit did not know how to get back to her lifeless body.
Erlangga stumbled across her and picked her up with Fitra's help and rushed her, half lifeless to the hospital.
Rian needed an operation to save his life, Hanifah was reluctant to pay for it but Bintang threatened her and she got Bintang to promise to pretend she was someone else and never reveal herself to her sister or father or anyone else. After the operation, Rian gained consciousness but found himself paralyzed.
At the hospital, Kejora, Fitra dan Erlangga missed seeing Rian being wheeled into the treatment room, but outside, after Kejora and Fitra had passed by, as Bintang was wiping her tears, she dropped her handkerchief and Erlangga picked it up for her. Just then, Kejora turned to wait for Fitra and Erlangga to catch up when she spotted Bintang. Immediately, she hugged Bintang and cried but Janet and Hanifah came along hand signing threatening to kill Rian if Bintang did not play her part. Miserably, she pretended she was not Bintang and told Kejora she was mistaken and shove Kejora away from her and ran away.
Kejora was stunned but she was also convinced that the girl she saw was her long lost sister and decided to visit Hanifah and Janet.
Around the same time Bintang went to check up on her father and was horrified that Hanifah and Janet had took him home without the proper care and attention he needed and also went to Hanifah's home to find out more but was horrified to see her step mother and step sister ill treating her father.
Just as she was leaving, she bumped into Kejora again and Kejora was even more convinced that she was her sister.
Bintang wanted so bad to confess but then Hanifah and Janet had saw them and had wheeled Rian up some stairs and were threatening to push him down if Bintang did not deny her sister and make her leave.
Confused and terrified for her father, poor Bintang pushed and slapped Kejora away and a broken hearted Kejora left, bewildered and upset.
Meanwhile, Erlangga arrange to accidently bumped into Anantha to find out more if Anantha's mother is his mother.
Kartika or Lia was unprepared and horrified to see her elder son at the door and rushed to her room to hide confusing Anantha.
A heartbroken Erlangga left after telling his mother there was never going to be any other relationship between him and his mother.
Kejora bumped into him in the park and Kejora told him she understood how he was feeling.
He responded by asking Kejora to stop crying because she looked ugly crying and she told him to stop crying as it did not suit him either. He leaned forward and kissed Kejora on her cheek leaving her stunned, before admitting that he liked her. Then, the arrogant part of him realized what he was saying and he started laughing. A stunned Kejora asked him why he was laughing and he told her he was joking, and did Kejora actually believe he meant it? Kejora was really upset and left. In truth, Erlangga did really liked her but he was terrified of being pushed or rejected by Kejora thus the statement.
He regretted his words, realizing he probably hurt her feelings and so he decided to go and apologise but only to find Kejora with Fitra wiping away her tears.
Fitra then encourage Kejora to seek nenek gautama out and explain and Kejora agreed to give it a try.
Just before Kejora got to nenek's home, nenek received a surprise visitor in the shape of her daughter in law, Lia, who wanted to seek Erlangga out. However her pleasure turned to dismay and disappointment when Anantha turned up as well, apparently following his parent and Nenek chased Lia away, entering her house and collapsing on the sofa, where Kejora found her.
Kejora quickly called Erlangga only to let Janet pick up the phone in his office and quickly, Janet decided to make opportunity of the situation to win both nenek Gautama and Erlangga's affection by telling them she was the one who found nenek and saved nenek, omitting the fact it was Kejora who tried calling Erlangga and whom she chased away.
Kejora appeared again at Nenek's home and Erlangga invited her in much to Janet's displeasure, and furious, she and her mother cooked up a scheme to put Kejora out of the picture. She exchanged nenek Gautama's medication with something else and put the remaining tablets into Kejora's bag and insisted Kejora feed nenek her medication.
Naturally , Nenek got ill and Janet started hinting about who could have poisoned Nenek. They rushed Nenek to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that Nenek was poisoned. Just then, Janet push past Kejora and purposely spilled the contents of Kejora's handbag, thus revealing the bottle of medicine she has planted there.
Furious, nenek called the police to arrest Kejora who stood her ground despite Erlangga pleas for her to go away before the police came.
The police came and took Kejora away and put her behind bars much to Janet and Hanifah's delight.
Erlangga tried to get the lawyer to secure Kejora's release from the prison but Janet overheard and quickly prompted and poisoned Nenek's ears and Nenek stopped Erlangga, forbidding him and the lawyer to release Kejora from prison.
Helpless, Erlangga visited Kejora and swore to try get her out. Putting his pride and ego aside, he approached Fitra who was furious to hear that Kejora was in prison for something she did not do and he lashed out at Erlangga, blaming Erlangga and his family for continuously hurting and putting Kejora in difficult situations, before rushing off to try to get Kejora out from prison.

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Mar 19, 2011

The other woman..

After 21 years of marriage, my wife wanted me to take another woman out for dinner and a movie.
She said I love you but I know this other woman loves you and would love to spend some time with you.

The other woman that my wife wanted me to visit was my MOTHER, who has been a widow for 19 years, but the demands of my work and my three children had made it possible to visit her only occasionally.

That night I called to invite her to go out for dinner and a movie.

'What's wrong, are you well,' she asked.

My mother is the type of woman who suspects that a late night call or a surprise invitation is a sign of bad news.

'I thought that it would be pleasant to be with you,' I responded. 'Just the two of us.'

She thought about it for a moment, and then said, 'I would like that very much.'

That Friday after work, as I drove over to pick her up I was a bit nervous.

When I arrived at her house, I noticed that she too seemed to be nervous about our date.
She waited at the door with her coat on. She had curled her hair and was wearing the dress that she had worn to celebrate her last wedding anniversary. She smiled from a face that was as radiant as an angel's.

'I told my friends that I was going to go out with my son, and they were impressed, 'She said, as she got into the car.

'They can't wait to hear about our meeting'.

We went to a restaurant that, although not elegant, was very nice and cozy.

My mother took my arm as if she were the First Lady.

After we sat down, I had to read the menu.

Half way through the entries, I lifted my eyes and saw Mom sitting there staring at me.

A nostalgic smile was on her lips.'It was I who used to have to read the menu when you were small,' she said.

'Then it's time that you relax and let me return the favor,' I responded.

During the dinner, we had an agreeable conversation, nothing extra-ordinary, but catching up on recent events of each other's lives.

We talked so much that we missed the movie.

As we arrived at her house later, She said, 'I'll go out with you again, but only if you let me invite you.'

I agreed.

'How was your dinner date?' asked my wife when I got home.

'Very nice. Much more so than I could have imagined,' I answered.

A few days later, my mother died of a massive heart attack. It happened so suddenly that I didn't have time to do anything for her.

Some time later, I received an envelope with a copy of a restaurant receipt from the same place my mother and I had dined.

The attached note said:

'I paid this bill in advance.

I wasn't sure that I could be there; but nevertheless, I paid for two plates – one for you and the other for your wife.

You will never know what that night meant for me.

I love you, my son.'

At that moment, I understood the importance of saying in time: 'I LOVE YOU!' and to give our loved ones the time that they deserve.

Nothing in life is more important than God and your family. Give them the time they deserve, because these things cannot be put off till 'some other time.' Pass This Along To Everyone With An Aging Parent, To A Child,To An Adult, To Anyone With A Parent, And Most Importantly, To Someone You Truly Love. 

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Mar 18, 2011


一级A做爰片高清无码Brothers & Sisters;

一级A做爰片高清无码Since I have not seen any posts that deal with the issue of the end of the world from the point of view of what ISLAM says I have decided to bring you this summary:

Note the following when reading this:

1- The sequence of events noted come from the Q'uran and the Hadith (the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (SAW)

2- Under Islam Jesus is considered a Prophet and not God.

一级A做爰片高清无码3- Islam includes both Judaism and Christianity. All of the Prophets from Adam, Noah, Abraham, John, Christ, and Muhammad (pbua)are considered Prophets of Islam.

4- I am writing this with knowledge of both religions as I was Christian Catholic and have embraced Islam a few years ago.

一级A做爰片高清无码5- The information that appears in the Bible and the Islamic texts corroborate each other. Anyone can buy all these books and read for themselves. There are significant amount of good quality books that address this issue from the point of view of Christianity and Islam. It is just a matter of taking what matches in both religious texts to asess predictions that span more than 2000 years.

6- As you read this you will clearly see that these events are unfolding in front of our eyes, and GOD KNOWS BEST.


1- Increasing turmoil and natural disasters, war, death and conflict. See bellow the list of signs given by the Quaran and Prophet Muhammad.

2- Major catastrophe that will kill 2/3 of the world's population. The continents will move and due to the massive changes plants, animals and human life will die off in large numbers. There will be not much food. It is possible that this will happen in the year 2012 but nothing in the Islamic texts confirms this. The only possible sign is that there are no predictions made in Islam beyond the year 2000. Either a meteorite or some sort of energy pull that will cause a shift in the earth axis. This will cause the "sun to come our from the west" (see bellow predictions). Take a globe and flip is upside sown - you will see that the sun will come out form the west. At this time also there will be constant daylight as the earth tilts and moves into the new axis position. As you know Muslims pray 5 times a day. Prophet Muhammad indicate to people that at this time they should break up the day in equal portions and maintain their scheduled prayers.

3- The appearance of the ANTICRHIST. In Islamic terminology it is called the DJALL or LIAR or DECEIVER. This individual will be a Jew whose father will be a Rabbi, he will be blind from one eye and the remaining eye will stick out like a grape. He will have extraordinary powers that will make people believe he is god. He can only be killed by Jesus (a.s.) He will be born in or around the Arabian Penninsula. The fact that he will be Jewish is pointed out in the Torah (Old Testament in the Bible) - Prince of The Israelites and the Islamic texts point out that his main followers will be Jews.

Due to his miraculous powers he will be taken by most of the Jewish and Christian people as the Messiah. As you know Evangelical Christians are waiting for the Messiah once Israel is established. Any one will be able to identify him because he will only support evil actions. Significant amount of Muslims will leave their Faith to also join him a believe in him. It is predicted that a Muslim will believe in the morning and disbelieve in the evening and a non believer will not believe in the morning and believe in the evening. The only people who will oppose him will be a small number of believing Muslims. The Muslims will be persecuted by the ANTICHRIST who will present them as an evil force (sounds familiar?). He will claim he is himself god. The reason for people following him is that due to the amount of turmoil, war, and killings many people will stop believing in God and be angry at Him (as opposed to blaming ourselves for our own corrupt ways). They will look at this individual as their saviour who will have power to produce some food or water for them. Anyone who follows or worships the ANTICHRIST will be cursed to Hell by God.

一级A做爰片高清无码4- In the Arabian Peninsula an individual will appear. In the Islamic predictions his name is MEHDI (IMAM MEHDI r.a.). He will gather the Muslims who oppose the ANTICHRIST and fight him. For MEHDI and the opposing forces it will be an ongoing loosing battle. Muslims will be defeated in the East and then the West. The ANTICHRIST will come to the walls of Mecca and Medina but he will not be able to enter them.

5- Jesus (a.s.) will descend in Jerusalem. In the Islamic belief Jesus is not crucified, but God replaced him in the cross with another individual and took up to Heaven Jesus (a.s.). One of the main predictions in relation to Jesus (a.s.) is that his descend will be witnessed by EVERYBODY. He will declare his condition as a Prophet and not God. People will turn away from the ANTICHRIST. Jesus (a.s.) will kill the ANTICHRIST at one of the gates of Jerusalem.

一级A做爰片高清无码6- Once this happens the people of Gog and Magog will come out. They will be all killed. Peace and prosperity will then descend upon the whole world where Jesus (a.s.) will be the leader of all people. At this point Jesus (a.s.) will marry and have a family.

7- Jesus (a.s.) will die. Then, all good people will be taken up by God through a wind that will descend and kill them. Only corrupt, unbelieving people will remain. Then end of the wold will then come and Judgment Day.

一级A做爰片高清无码These are SIGNS related to the end of times according to Islamic sources:

Wild animals will be gathered into captivity and kept in collections in pens and cages.

一级A做爰片高清无码Murder will be considered a minor act.

一级A做爰片高清无码Men will get payment for their reproductive organs (artificial fertilization).

Reducing weights and measures of goods will be a means of increasing profits.

The person earning a proper and lawful livelihood will be scorned and the person earning his living from unfair means will be admired.

一级A做爰片高清无码The main purpose in life will be earning and enjoying.

Aphrodisiacs will be used to strengthen the body for sodomy.

Usury will gain solid ground.

Adultery will be commonplace.

一级A做爰片高清无码The murder victim will not know why he is murdered and the killer will not know why he killed.

Mansions like palaces will be constructed.

一级A做爰片高清无码Bribery will become like a custom.

一级A做爰片高清无码There will be no regard for the ties of relationship.

Murder will increase.

一级A做爰片高清无码Fools will be made rulers.

Forbearance will be called cowardice and weakness.

Ministers of government will be liars.

The practice of divorce will increase.

一级A做爰片高清无码A liar will be considered an acceptable witness.

一级A做爰片高清无码Homosexuality will be openly practiced.

Good people will keep silent fearing others' foul speech.

Goodness and evil will be viewed from the same perspective.

Young boys will be used like women on payment.

一级A做爰片高清无码Unworthy persons will meddle in affairs of state.

Men will keep their hair in a ladylike manner.

The governors will consider the wealth of the people as their own and they will attack the morality of women.

一级A做爰片高清无码Governments will stockpile grains to maintain prices.

一级A做爰片高清无码Government will be entrusted to those unworthy of it.

一级A做爰片高清无码The earth will vomit oblong pieces of its liver like columns of gold and silver. The murderer will come and say "I killed for this," and the deserter will come and say "I deserted my family for this," and the thief will come and say "My hand has been cut off for this."

The Euphrates will disclose a mountain of gold over which people will fight. Ninety-nine out of each hundred will be killed and every one of them will say "Maybe I will be the one who will escape."

The Last Hour shall not occur until wealth will increase among you and become enormous, until a man takes out the charity due from his wealth but will find none to accept it, until the land of the Arabs becomes meadows and rivers.

一级A做爰片高清无码The Last Hour shall not occur until wealth will increase among you and become enormous, and the owner of wealth will search for one entitled to the charity due on it; and he will present it and the person to whom it will be presented will say "I have no need of it;" and barefooted shepherds will compete with each other in the building of tall buildings.

The slave girl will give birth to her owner .


You will follow the practices of those who were before you, step by step, foot by foot, so much so that if one of them goes into the hole of a lizard you will follow.

God will take up the knowledge, not by removing it from the minds of people, but by taking possession of the knowledgeable. Then the people will call on the ignorant to inform them, and they will go astray and lead astray.

一级A做爰片高清无码The people will get up in the morning to carry on trade and there will be hardly anyone who will fulfill their bargain. It will be said "There is a trustworthy man in so and so;" and it will be said of a man "How wise is he! How skillful is be! How resolute is he," while in his heart there will be no faith even to the grain of a mustard seed.

It is near that the nations will call one another against you just as diners call one another to their dishes. You will be numerous, but you will be so much rubbish like the rubbish of a flood. God will take away the fear of you from the minds of your enemies and will put weakness in your hearts, from love for this world and dislike of death.

一级A做爰片高清无码Wait for the last Hour when allegiance will be destroyed. Wait for the Hour when rule will be entrusted to those who will be unworthy of it.

一级A做爰片高清无码The Hour shall not occur until time contracts. A year will go by like a month, a month like a week, a week like a day, a day like an hour and an hour like the kindling of a fire.

Time will become short, learning will come to an end, troubles will appear, miserliness will be cast in the hearts, and murder will increase.

The first of the signs to appear will be the rising of the sun in its place of setting and the coming forth of the beast in the morning. Whichever of them comes first will soon be followed by the other.

Let him who hears of the dajjal go far from him, for I swear by God that a man will go to him thinking he is a believer and follow him because of confused ideas which he rouses in him.

The Smoke; the Dajjal; the Beast; the rising of the sun in its place of setting; the descent of Jesus son of Mary; Gog and Magog; three earthquakes -- one in the East, one in the West, and one in Arabia; and a fire which will drive mankind to their place of assembly.

一级A做爰片高清无码The least of the signs of the last hour will be a fire which will gather mankind from the east to the west.


一级A做爰片高清无码There is no prophet who has not warned his people about the one-eyed liar. I tell you that he is one-eyed, but your Lord is not one-eyed. On his forehead are the letters "k," "f," "r." (KUFAR means UNBELIEVER IN GOD)

He is one-eyed, and will bring with him something like paradise and hell, but what he calls paradise will be hell. I warn you as Noah warned his people about him.


In the year 2001 before the September 11 attacks I had a dream/voice that stated this:

一级A做爰片高清无码"It won't be long before the DECEIVER is born. He will be the son of a Rabbi"

一级A做爰片高清无码I my opinion the ANTICHRIST today is about 7 years old. GOD KNOWS BEST!!!

The scary part is that Prophet Muhammad predicted that the ANTICHRIST will be a "young man".

I believe all of you can work out a schedule to determine the age of this person in or around the year 2012.


一级A做爰片高清无码Brothers & Sisters;

Regardless of the end of times, our own "individual end of times" comes when we die. We must move forward to change.

We have to get ready to account for our actions in this world in front of GOD.

一级A做爰片高清无码We MUST work together regardless of religion to bring justice and peace to this world.



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