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Apr 8, 2018


Have you watched the Emmy®-winning drama series WESTWORLD ? Since it's debut on HBO in 2016, it has become HBO’s most-watched freshman series ever...

WESTWORLD is a dark odyssey about the dawn of artificial consciousness and the evolution of sin and it is now returning for its ten-episode second season the very same time as the U.S. on Monday, April 23 at 9am exclusively on HBO (Astro Ch 411/ HD 431) with same day primetime encore at 10pm on HBO, and catch it on HBO On Demand (via Astro GO). So be sure to catch your favorite series now...

Mar 7, 2017

Celebrating the screen goddesses bringing inspiration and entertainment to Viu-ers

I love my K-dramas and watch them a lot more then other TV series... and one of the best place I watch it would be over Viu.

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International Women’s Day is this March. In conjunction with this celebration of the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women, Viu will be featuring amazing K-dramas that will not disappoint. Showing the courage and determination women have to reach their dreams and goals, these select dramas celebrate the abilities of women.

Jul 3, 2016

Drama Series : Doctors

Doctors is a very promising action packed drama which I foresee could be as popular as Descendants of the Sun...It is a drama about life in general, highlighting the social prejudice of origins as well as educational background.

May 16, 2016

Strawberi Karipap Season 3 goes to Hong Kong...

My youngest daughter is a fan of Strawberi Karipap and have been watching it over the past two seasons, following the story of Nini (Mia Sara Nasuha) and Haikal (Rykarl Iskandar)with their aunt Lisa (Nelydia Senrose) and uncle Hairi (Zizan Nin)... so much so I threaten to put strawberries in her curry puff the next time I buy her some curry puffs but she said, "Eeeeuuuww...." 

So when I got invited to the meet and greet session at the Marmalade restaurant at Bangsar Village 2, my daughter was quick to say she wanted to come along to meet the cast...

Mar 9, 2016

Who Will Be Asia's Next Top Model??

There will be fourteen lovely ambitious models who will be vying for Asia's Next Top Model (AsNTM) title in the upcoming fourth season of the series that will be aired on Star World and Star World HD (Astro Channel 711 & 722)

The 14 contestants of AsNTM Cycle 4 come from countries all over Asia - Malaysia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, and Singapore as well as first time competitors from Mongolia and Myanmar.

Nov 20, 2015


Ok, this is going to be a mix rojak dual language post (Bahasa Malaysia and English) for all Malaysian friends as the story is actually in both English (some broken English is to be expected....) and Bahasa Malaysia.... 

Strawberi & Karipap is a kids tv series on Astro Ceria that depicts the story of Nini ( Mia Sara ) and Haikal ( Raykarl Iskandar ) who often have a different opinion from each other, but then they came to realize something they have in common which is a perfect family.
Nini and Haikal lives on rotation with Lisa and Hairi because Nini's mom and Haikal's dad happen to be pursuing their studies abroad. Sick and tired of moving between Lisa and Hairi's homes, Nini and Haikal conspired to unite both Lisa and Hairi as well as their parents...

Anyway, this latest tele movie depicts the story where Lisa and Hairi have gotten married.. but they are unhappily married as they are forever fighting like cats and dogs, to the exasperation of the two kids... 

Nov 15, 2015

Let your Pre-Schoolers "SHIMMER AND SHINE" on a magical genie adventure..

As a mum, as my child was growing up, I monitored her TV programmes and well, I always allowed my daughter when she was a pre-schooler to only watch Disney Junior, Disney Channel, Nickelodeon and Nick JR which I trusted to have the best programmes to help with her development as well as improving on her English speaking skills...Besides, they have the cutest characters that sometimes, I am drawn to plop down beside my little one and watch it together with her too....

Aug 27, 2015

Oh My Goat- Come Baaack!!

I was at Kampung Dalam Ayer to check out the new upcoming 'kampung' adventure by Oh My English! (OME!), Oh My Goat - Come Baaack....thanks to

When I entered the area, I was welcomed by lush foliage and the soothing sounds of small waterfalls that make me realize and marvel at the wonder of nature all over again...

Ok, maybe not so Kampung Dalam Ayer... heheh, this place is actually the Subak Restaurant at Bukit Lanjan which was built on the fringe of the natural virgin forest there....It is definitely out of the way from the hustle and bustle of town , the atmosphere and ambience is so tranquil it is definitely a haven...

Jul 23, 2015


Four well known hit dramas and comedies on DIVA, NBCUniversal International Networks’ leading women’s entertainment channel in Asia, gardnered a combined total of 15 nominations at the 67th Primetime Emmy Awards!! 

Downton Abbey

This British drama series follows the lives of the Crawley family and its servants in the family's classic Georgian country house. The series begins with the 1912 sinking of the Titanic, which leaves Downton Abbey's future in jeopardy, since the presumptive heirs of Robert, Earl of Grantham -- his cousin James, and James' son, Patrick -- die in the catastrophe, leaving the family without a male offspring to take over Downton when the current lord dies. The point is important since Lord Grantham's children are daughters -- Ladies Mary, Edith and Sybil, but the facets of their lives and of those of the below-stairs staff -- also a highly regimented world -- have fascinating story lines

Apr 11, 2015


Each year, Earth Day is celebrated on 22 April, marking what many consider the birth of the modern environmental movement, which began in the United States of America in 1970. Today, Earth Day is celebrated internationally as an on-going effort to fight for a cleaner and more sustainable planet.

In conjunction with Earth Day, FOX International Channels (FIC) brings ‘Years of Living Dangerously’, which won Outstanding Documentary or Nonfiction Series in the 2014 Emmy Awards as well as being the first honouree of the 2014 Environmental Media Awards, to awaken our social consciousness and inspire us to make a change.

‘Years of Living Dangerously’, the multi-part television series on climate change and its impact on people, will make its debut on the National Geographic Channel on Monday, 13 April 2015 at 11pm.

Over the course of nine episodes, the show will chronicle celebrities like Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, America Ferrera, Mark Bittman, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name a few, going into the field to speak to real people who are dealing with the crippling effects of climate change-related weather events.

“In line with our efforts to bring viewers the best of entertainment first, we are pleased to air the premiere of ‘Years of Living Dangerously’ in celebration of Earth Day. What’s exciting about the show is that throughout the nine episodes, viewers will get to follow these well-known celebrities investigating the impact of climate change and trying to get to the root of the problem,” said Ms. Penny Tan, Marketing Director of FIC.

“The programme intends to spark an interest and create awareness on the realities of climate change and its actual impact on our lives, and the lives of millions around the world,” she added.

Said to be the biggest story of our time, the series will feature gripping, character-driven narratives with uncertain outcomes, the politics of global warming and the efforts made by individuals, communities, companies and governments to find solutions to the problem.

Join FIC in celebrating Earth Day and tune in to catch the real-life stories on climate change and more this April. Viewers can catch all nine episodes of ‘Years of Living Dangerously’, at 11.00pm from 13 – 23 April, only on the National Geographic Channel (ASTRO Channel 553) and National Geographic Channel HD (ASTRO Channel 573)

Please check out the show’s episode guide here....

*National Geographic Channel (ASTRO Channel 553) & National Geographic Channel HD (ASTRO Channel 573)

Years of Living Dangerously
Premieres Monday, 13th April at 11pm
Years of Living Dangerously is global warming as you’ve never seen it before.  This multi-part television event tells the biggest story of our time: climate change and its impact on people.  Over the course of nine episodes, Jessica Alba, Matt Damon, Harrison Ford, America Ferrera, Mark Bittman, Arnold Schwarzenegger, to name a few, go into the field to meet the real people facing the all-too-often crippling effects of climate change-related weather events. The series features gripping, character-driven narratives, with uncertain outcomes, the politics of global warming, and the efforts made by individuals, communities, companies and governments to find solutions to the problem.

Years of Living Dangerously – Dry Season                    
Premieres Monday, 13th April at 11pm
The series premiere of this globetrotting docu-series about the human impacts of climate change explores the devastating effects of extreme drought and deforestation. Harrison Ford travels to Indonesia to investigate how corruption, illegality and the world's seemingly unquenchable appetite for palm oil have combined to ravage the landscape and make that country one of the world's largest emitters of greenhouse gases through deforestation. Back in the U.S., Don Cheadle visits Plainview, TX where a community once reliant on a meat-packing plant for its livelihood is looking for answers. Many blame the drought that caused the plant's closure on the will of God or say it's part of a natural cycle, however, Katharine Hayhoe-a climate scientist and Evangelical Christian-has a very different explanation.

Years of Living Dangerously – End of the Woods
Premieres Tuesday, 14th April at 11pm
In episode two, Harrison Ford continues his investigation into the global effects of the palm oil industry and further explores the corruption that has ravaged the Indonesian landscape resulting in the country being one of the world's largest emitters of greenhouse gases through deforestation. Meanwhile, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger joins an elite team of wild-land firefighters-known as the "Hot Shots"-as they battle a new breed of forest fires, one made more deadly by climate change. He also discovers another killer wiping out trees at an even faster rate than forest fires.

Years of Living Dangerously – The Surge
Premieres Wednesday, 15th April at 11pm
In episode three, MSNBC's Chris Hayes shadows climate change skeptic, Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, for a year in Staten Island in the wake of Superstorm Sandy and questions what he might have learned about climate change in the process, and conservationist M. Sanjayan travels to the ends of the earth-including Christmas Island-to question some of the world's top climate scientists as they collect key data unlocking the past and future of our planet's changing climate.

Years of Living Dangerously – Ice & Brimstone
Premieres Thursday, 16th April at 11pm

In episode four, 60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl travels to Greenland to investigate the effects of global warming in the Arctic; Down south, Ian Somerhalder travels to North Carolina to listen in on both sides of the evangelical community's debate over climate change. Somerhalder finds himself entrenched in the middle of not only a religious debate, but a familial one. The father: a megachurch preacher who doesn't believe in climate change. The daughter: an activist trying to shut down the local coal-fired power plant.

Years of Living Dangerously – True Colors
Premieres Friday, 17th April at 11pm
In episode five, Olivia Munn profiles climate-conscious governor Jay Inslee of Washington State, and together they discuss the issues he's faced since being elected. Meanwhile, New York Times columnist Mark Bittman probes New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on the topic of man-made climate change during the rebuilding of his state's coastline post-Superstorm Sandy. Christie used to acknowledge the scientific consensus on climate change, but steadfastly refused to discuss it during the rush to rebuild.

Years of Living Dangerously – Winds of Change
Premieres Monday, 20th April at 11pm
In episode six, America Ferrera profiles prominent climate change skeptic James Taylor of the Heartland Institute as he crusades against clean energy and investigates the battle over the future of renewable energy in the US. New York Times columnist Mark Bittman returns to conduct a yearlong investigation into natural gas, which has been touted as "America's energy source" and a way towards a cleaner, greener future. Is it true?

Years of Living Dangerously – Revolt  
Premieres Tuesday, 21st April at 11pm
In episode seven, three stories provide insight into the economic costs and opportunities of global warming. Jessica Alba meets three members of Climate Corps-an innovative program developed by The Environmental Defense Fund - as they try to convince America's top corporations that sustainability can actually boost their bottom lines. Having traveled in episode one to investigate drought in Syria, Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman finds himself in Egypt to explore how what happens in the wheat fields of Kansas plays out on the volatile streets of Cairo. MSNBC's Chris Hayes returns to reveal an intimate story about life after Superstorm Sandy, with the most economically vulnerable trying to survive the impacts of climate change.

Years of Living Dangerously – A Dangerous Future
Premieres Wednesday, 22nd April at 11pm
In episode eight, Matt Damon takes viewers on an investigation into the impact of extreme heat on human health and mortality. With a focus on startling new research from leading scientists and researchers, Damon uncovers the ways in which climate change and rising temperatures are becoming a public health emergency locally, nationally and globally. Michael C. Hall journeys to the low-lying deltaic country of Bangladesh where rising seas are expected to submerge 17% of the nation. Hall explores the prediction that by 2050, the migration of upwards of 150 million people worldwide will be the single most worrisome impact of our climate-changed future. Pulitzer Prize-winner Thomas Friedman concludes his investigation of three Middle Eastern nations-Syria, Egypt, and now Yemen-to witness how climate change can be a stressor that can take a volatile political situation and push it over the edge.

Years of Living Dangerously – Moving A Mountain
Premieres Thursday, 23rd April at 11pm
In the season finale, Michael C. Hall concludes his journey to Bangladesh where rising seas are expected to submerge 17% of the nation. After traveling to Christmas Island in episode three, M. Sanjayan returns to further address and question some of the top climate scientists in their fields as they collect key data unlocking the past and future of our planet's changing climate. His destination: Tupungatito, the northernmost historically active stratovolcano in the southern Andes.

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